Data & Decisions Primer

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: A Primer for the Perplexed & Curation for the Curious

    Stay tuned for my forthcoming primer on Data-Driven Decision-Making.

    The Primer for the Perplexed emerging data-driven systems for people without any technical, mathematical, or statistical background. This includes the technology, law, policy, and ethical landscape of technologies that collect and use data to automate systems, analyze trends, profile humans, create credentials, and generate "evidence" for policymakers.

    The References for the Concerned and Curious is an obsessively and idiosyncratically curated collection of books, articles, and videos ranging across sectors and issues.

    The Data-Tech-Society Reading List and BD, AI & 'Bots Seminar Syllabus offer more guided trajectories through the relevant issues. The Reading List builds on the Technology & Society Reading Group I led at Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy and the resources I'm collecting as the host of an upcoming conference on Artificial Intelligence and the Law in April 2018. I created the syllabus for the seminar on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robots and the Law (and lack thereof) I taught at Seton Hall University's School of Law in Fall 2017.

  • Emerging Tech References & Resources

    TL;DR: I'm collecting references on emerging tech issues.
    Suggest some. Sign up for updates.

    In the past several years, I've organized the Technology & Society Reading Group as an Associate Research Scholar at Princeton University's Center for Information Technology and created two new seminars about emerging technology as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Seton Hall University's School of Law.

    In doing so, I found many excellent background resources, advocacy work, government reports, industry reports, and academic scholarship - but scattered across disciplines, sectors, and legal doctrine.

    I've gathered and curated an extensive collection of background resources, teaching materials and recent work. I'll be posting and publishing these soon (most likely the beginning of January).

    I'd appreciate any input - please promote excellent work, especially by newer scholars or those who aren't typically part of the current conversation.

    I'm also considering the best way to offer these resources. Ideally I'd like to create a way for people to be able to contribute new resources without things becoming too chaotic. (Current ideas: RSS feed, Zotero list, Slack channel, wiki, submission form here - and very open to any suggestions.)

    Stay tuned for some more details about topics, etc.

    Contact me here if you'd like to contribute and here if you'd like to receive updates.