Workshops related to Education Technology and Data
Future of Privacy Forum Student Privacy Bootcamps

Education Data: Privacy, Policymaking, and Artificial Intelligence Ethics
Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI), Society for Learning Analytics Research (June 2018)

How Ed Tech Shapes Pedagogy & Policy (& Vice Versa)
Digital Life Initiative, Cornell Tech (May 8, 2018)

Predictive Analytics in Education: Learning, Earning & Equity
Artificial Intelligence and the Law (conference organizer), Seton Hall University School of Law (April 19-20, 2018)

Seton Hall Law Faculty Retreat: Emerging Technology & Law
Seton Hall University School of Law (April 6, 2018)

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics
gnoviCon 2018 - A.I. & Labor and The Ethics of A.I. (March 26, 2018)

Intellectual Privacy Considerations in Artificial Intelligence
International Intellectual Property Society (Nov. 2017)

Artificial Intelligence: A Primer for Legal Practitioners
The Gibbons Institute of Law, Science, and Technology (Oct. 2017)

Postsecondary Privacy & Student Analytics
SXSWedu (Mar. 2017)

Ethical Use of Big Data in Education: Personalized Learning and the Rise of “Algorithmic Credentialing"
Princeton University, Center for Information Technology Policy (Oct. 2016)

Student Privacy: The Big Picture on Big Data
American Library Association Annual Conference (June 2016)

The Credentialing Effect: Psychological Implications of Ubiquitous Capture and Constant Assessment
Privacy Law Scholars Conference (June 2016)

The Accidental Consequences of Data Privacy Legislation
SXSWedu (March 2016)

Implications of Data-driven Education
New York University, Technology, Privacy, and the Future of Education Symposium (March 2016)

Student Privacy & Big Data: The Status Quo, Implications & Considerations
Data & Society Research Institute (Feb. 2016)

Privacy Best Practices and Institutional Implementation
University of Miami, The Constitution on Campus Conference (Feb. 2016)

The Current State of Online Privacy
FTC PrivacyCon (discussant) (Jan. 14, 2016)

Open Textbook Workshop: Learning, Design and Surveillance
University of Haifa (June 2015)

Student Privacy Provocations
Harvard University, Working Group on Student Privacy (May 2015)

Student Privacy 101: Good Intentions Aren’t Enough
SXSWedu (Mar. 2015)

The Algorithmic Future of Education
Algorithms & Accountability Conference (moderator and presenter)
New York University (Feb. 2015)

Education's Purposes and Student Privacy
New York University Privacy Research Group (Nov. 2014)

Big Data and Civil Rights in Education
Big Data and Civil Rights Conference (rapporteur) (Oct. 2014)

Student Privacy in Context: FERPA and Information Flow Beyond the Ivory Tower
Privacy Law Scholars Conference (June 2014)

Innovation & Kids’ Privacy: Can They Coexist?
SXSW Interactive (Mar. 2014)